How a treehouse, an NYC celeb, + my secret manifesting trick got me $1M+

I have a fun little story about how I manifested the sale of my NYC apartment in record time.

My daughter and I lived in what I called a "luxury treehouse" next to NYC's Central Park (Upper West Side) for nearly five years.

It was my cozy retreat from the world, and I enjoyed every inch of it when we were holed up during the COVID-19 lock-down. 

It was a fun and quirky place with 17’ ceilings, massive windows that flooded the living room with warmth and light, and hidden nooks and crannies that made it a “hide and seek” treasure for my daughter. 

sisi treehouse

Even so, there came a time when my growing tween needed more space, and I needed more privacy.

So sadly, I put my place on the market.

Initially, my real estate agent said she’d never seen such a frenzy of inquiries, and she showed it to a flurry of enthusiastic buyers.

Yet after four months, we did not receive even one offer. I started to feel down and discouraged. 

This told me that something was energetically off. Remember, everything is energy.

Whether I was not ready to part with the space or the timing wasn’t right, I knew that a vibrational shift needed to occur.

So I took the apartment off the market for a month. During that month, I meditated, took lots of refreshing walks, soaked in aromatic baths, did my affirmations. 

One day, I was watching Million Dollar Listing New York, and I thought to myself, "What if I reached out to one of these high profile agents? Would they respond?" 

I googled one the names right then and there; I found the agents' cell phones online and immediately texted them.

Tyler, my favorite character on the show, responded within three minutes. 

tyler text

In fact, all of the agents that I reached out to on the show responded within 24 hours, and I had so many options.

In an instant, I went from a place of lack to a place of abundance. 

I call this "planting seeds" (an activity that has growth potential) and if you can plant your seeds with high vibrational energy, you will attract like frequency.

And, if you can INFUSE FUN AND JOY into the process, the results can be beyond what you imagined. 

I ended up choosing Tyler because he dances all the time, smiles like sunshine, and made me feel giggly and happy. The energy was right. 


He and Luke, his amazing agent, sold the apartment in a record 19 days for an all-cash offer for a 7-figure sum, not a penny below asking price. 

And the buyer's name is Angela, too. :) 

So tell me, what's your takeaway here? 

Everything is energy.

Meditate, do jumping jacks, have a glass of champagne, call your best friend for a high-vibe convo, and then plant your seeds with joy

I'll be back to share next week what you need to do next after you plant your seeds, and it's an equally good (if not better!) manifestation secret. xoxo! 


Angela Jia Kim
Paraphrased from Radical Radiance: 12 Weeks of Self-Love Rituals to Manifest Abundance, Beauty, and Joy

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