How Self-Care Sabbaticals lead to success ‚≠ź

I take a Self-Care Sabbatical almost every weekend to fill my well so I can give from a cup that overflows ūüćĶ


Hi Everyone! ūüíē

Do you ever feel stuck, overwhelmed, and uninspired? Are you craving growth in a nourishing environment? 

I have the perfect solution for you: a Self-Care Sabbatical!

Typically, a sabbatical is a year-long hiatus, but a Self-Care Sabbatical can be a few hours, a day, or even a weekend.

A Self-Care Sabbatical is not meant to be bliss-out-on-the-couch-all-afternoon (although we love that, too.) 

The purpose is to go from feeling depleted to inspired by feeding the mind, body, and soul with active learning, self-caring, and organizing. 

Here's my Self-Care Sabbatical roadmap to inspire yours: 

1. Learn. I love to listen to inspiring Ted Talks, take a Creative Live course, read a book, or learn new professional skills from an expert.

2. Organize. Half of our overwhelm comes from a scattered brain with no system in place. I plan out my week in the Savor Life Planner, organize spreadsheets, and streamline systems. 

3. Detox. It's important to unblock energy that is stuck in the body so I either get a massage, do yoga, or take a bath with a Manuka Honey mask. I always feel like a million bucks afterward. 

photo by @worldofcolorx

4. Cook. It can be as simple as a homemade veggie broth (dump veggies into water and simmer for a few hours--voila!) or as elaborate as a six-hour Sunday bolognese sauce. It's grounding and nourishing. 

5. Connect. I love to end my Self-Care Sabbaticals with friends. The last time I had a Self-Care Sabbatical, we invited good friends over, and I created personalized WORD bracelets to remind them of their 2019 intentions. 

Here's to little inner-world discovery getaways, 


Angela Jia Kim