How To Follow Through Like a Lady Boss 💪

As a CEO and Lady Boss, a big part of my job is holding myself and others accountable to follow through. 

In my company, we view projects as a relay race with each person doing her lap and passing on the baton so the next person can do her thing.

If you don't accomplish your task, you cannot pass on the baton, and the entire team is affected. 

Since no one wants to let the team down, everyone is highly motivated to follow through on our projects. 

But what happens when you don't have a team and are working alone?

How you do make sure you follow through when you have no one to answer to? 

By following through and holding yourself accountable, you are taking care of your future self. It's self-care on a whole new level!


At the beginning of each day, take one minute to look at your Savor Life Planner's weekly plan.

You will see three things: 

1. Tasks you have checked off. 🎉This is important as it gives you a sense of accomplishment and studies show this is highly motivating. 

2. Tasks that you have accomplished but have not checked off. Make sure to check those off as it will give you a dopamine rush! 

3. Tasks that still need to get done. 🙋If you simply ignore these tasks and don’t hold yourself accountable, this will become your habit. Cross it off it's no longer relevant or get it done! 

With your Savor Life Planner and this powerful 1-minute ritual, plan and follow through deliberately and consciously--so you can savor the moments that matter! 

Here's to savoring life, 


Angela Jia Kim