How to Tackle Projects, To-Dos, and Life ūüėć


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I will also answer your questions here in the Savor Sunday editions. 

Q: How do you use the "Organize Your Gorgeous Chaos" project pages? 

This page is a powerful visual because it allows you to compartmentalize your to-dos like a well-organized closet. Below is a picture of my gorgeous chaos, coffee stains and all. 

Here are four favorite ways to use the "Gorgeous Chaos" pages: 

1. An overflow of to-dos or a brain dump for each day. Write down Monday - Friday at the top of each box. Think of the Week Plan as your priority page and the Gorgeous Chaos pages as the extras. 

2. A client bucket list. If you have multiple clients, you can write their names at the top and do a brain dump related to each project. 

3. A project organizer. Batch your thoughts together into one box for each project. For example, when I was registering my daughter for summer camp, I wrote out each camp to contact. 

4. A meeting "basket". If you have upcoming meetings, you can brain dump what you want to talk about in advance. Whenever something pops into your mind, jot it down and keep it organized in one spot. 

Remember, Sundays are a wonderful time to carve out 10-30 minutes to plan your week.

Detox your brain and soul, choose your priorities and don't forget to #savorlifedaily! 


Angela Jia Kim
AKA Creator, Mom, Wife, New Yorker, Foodie