How to turn gossip, negativity + rumors into a good thingūüíę

This week, one of my employees shared with me that she was upset because she had been in a feature that received a lot of negative comments about her.

She was understandably shaken and angry.

The first thing I said to her was, "Welcome to visibility. Some people want to tear you down and pin their s*** on you, so this is why knowing who you are is so essential."  

I shared the story about how someone was gossiping about me and started to spread untrue rumors among people who did not know me.

I would get calls from my employees and friends telling me what this person was saying behind my back.

I was in utter disbelief at the vitriol, but I decided to let her shoot arrows and my ego simply would not be there.

I would not gossip back, address it, or give it any energy. 

Instead, I bought a painting.¬†‚ėļÔłŹ

To the far left: "Silence" painting by Kasra Namvari

The talented artist, Kasra Namvari, named the painting to the left "Silence"; this woman intentionally manifests roses while reading.

My interpretation is that all good energy is harnessed into creating your beauty and greatness.

If you focus on what others say and think about you, you disperse this energy and lose the beauty of what you are meant to do. 

Here's what I did week after week to stay focused on manifesting my "roses" and go from feeling hurt to feeling inspired. And yes, I used my magical Savor Life Planner. 

- Create a weekly vision page of what inspires me
- Detox the brain by writing everything that needs to get done
- Define priorities
- Structure my days to stay focused and on track
- Create purpose for each meeting to make the most of everyone's time

My "roses" have created a mission-driven beauty company with employees I truly adore.

Here are the roses we've manifested together: We're opening up a Nolita Pop-Up shop this week, launching in Neiman Marcus NYC on March 15, and unveiling our NEW Yuzu Lemonade Peel in April. 

And my family savors "gorgeous chaos" in Manhattan during the week and farm-to-table meals at our farmhouse during the weekends.

Do you think any of those good things would be happening if I allowed myself to get dragged into negative drama? 

Demi-intention creates demi-results. Pour all of your energy into manifesting your beautiful roses. 


Angela Jia Kim