Step 3: Easy ways to organize your week ūüėć [Video enclosed!]

NEWS FLASH! Get your Daily Action Planners today! 


Good Sunday Morning, glow-getters!

Have you ever had a busy week jammed with activity and still felt like you didn't accomplish much?

This is why I like to write down "savors" in my Daily Action Planner. When I go back to read little successes and gratitudes, I remember the small victories that make a difference. 

Want to know which success I celebrate¬†today? I finally got my¬†daughter's shampoo after a week of being out. I know it's a bottom-of-the-barrel success to bring up, but after a week of forgetting,¬†it got done.¬†ūüí™

In previous weeks, I shared our easy 5-step system to change your life. Here's Step 0 (Brain Detox), Step 1 (Define Priorities), and Step 2 (Savor Life). 

And now...


You can use this "Structure Your Day" section any way you want: to outline a schedule, do a brain dump, or write notes. 

Here's how I use the "Structure Your Day" section: 

  • Input daily appointments so I can see my week-at-a-glance.¬†
  • Bake projects into the schedule to give space to my priorities.


I have themed days to create a weekly rhythm for recurring projects or tasks, which helps organize my "gorgeous chaos."

Monday: "Money Mondays" for all things finance (payroll, transfers, bills, etc.) 

Tuesday: Project day, in-person meetings

Wednesday: Spa Principal meetings day

Thursday: Mama/Daughter afternoons

Friday: "Fun Friday" for content planning with the team

What I love about themed days is that it puts a stop to putting out fires and being pulled in a million directions.

For example, if something comes up during the week that has to do with my spas, rather than dealing with it on the spot, I simply write it down in my Daily Action Planner to handle the bundle of spa tasks on Wednesdays, the spa meeting day.

Dedicating time to bundled tasks brings a sense of rhythm and calm to your week. 

Do you have themed days?¬†Try creating some themes this week and play with it. It takes time to become a weekly rhythm, but in 90 days, you'll be glad you started.¬†ūüėä

Here's to structuring, bundling + enjoying the process,

Angela Jia Kim

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