Step 5: Plant Seeds 🌟

Do you have any "savor life" activities planned for today?

In previous weeks, I shared the Daily Action Planner's easy 5-step system to change your life.
Step 0Brain Detox
Step 1Define Priorities
Step 2Savor Life
Step 3: Structure Your Day
Step 4: Pull Weeds

And now...


Last night, I was driving home from a dear friend's birthday party with a couple of friends.

Carolyn, who was sitting next to me, said, "It's important to share with the Daily Action Planner community how far you have come in five years. How did you go from making creams in your kitchen to owning three spas and having your skincare sold in national retailers?"

The answer? Plant seeds daily. 

What is planting seeds? It's an action that has growth potential. If you plant seeds, they will blossom into an abundant garden.

Whenever you commit to a proactive task such as connecting with new people, sending out a proposal, or applying for a new opportunity, this is a planted seed. The more you plant, the more you grow.

Recording the seeds that have been planted in your Daily Action Planner and celebrating them when they blossom is a beautiful gratitude ritual. What you are grateful for grows! 

Commit today to writing down a few seeds you can plant throughout the week. Don't try to do it all at once for it takes energy, courage, and meaningful thought. 

Here's to planting baby seeds and savoring what blossoms,

Angela Jia Kim

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