Why I woke up stressed + freaked out (and what I did about it...) 😅

Hello! 💜

I'm writing to you in front of our new wood stove with the fire crackling at dawn. Hot coffee next to me, I'm looking forward to a sunny day in our weekend farmhouse with family and friends. 

TRUTH: I didn't wake up feeling so good. At 5 AM, I jolted awake thinking of all of the things I needed to do. I could feel stress mounting onto my shoulders.

As the thoughts swirled around, I began freaking myself out. "Do this for the house, help my daughter with her school project, prepare for the Nolita pop-up store..." etc. 

Then I shifted my mind by telling myself, "Love this life you've built, stay in gratitude, and simply organize the gorgeous chaos.

Ahhhhhh. Meet the Gorgeous Chaos page in the Savor Life Planner. 

She's my personal therapist. ☺️

Are you feeling stressed about a project? Perfect! Take that stressor and give it a name. Write it on the top of a boxed column on your Gorgeous Chaos page. 

Next, simply do a brain dump of everything you need to get it done. Go ahead, write without a filter. 

It's okay if it takes more than one box. It's okay if it's messy. It's okay if you have to start over. The point is to just start. 

We're in progress, not in perfection, right? 

Do this with any other project that may be stressing you out. Pretty soon, you will have lots of little projects that are organized into neat boxes. 

There. Don't you feel better? Getting the "do-this, do-that" stressors out of your head and onto paper is the ultimate self-care. 


Angela Jia Kim

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