Savor Skin + Soul Starter Kit

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Learn how to live a self-love lifestyle with Radical Radiance, which MindBodyGreen describes as "stunning... and shockingly simple, too." This starter kit includes author and Savor Beauty founder Angela Jia Kim's first ritual of the day, "Daily Morning Mist" for a light glow. 

Radical Radiance teaches you how to fall in love with your soul with 52 rituals to improve your relationship with your inner being. The philosophy is to treat your skin like the most expensive silk on earth, which is the first step toward teaching self-love. How we treat our skin is how we treat our soul--both need nourishment and love. 

The Savor Beauty Lavender Toning Mist has been called the "multi-tasking beauty BFF" because you can use it to prep your skin for serums, balance pH, refresh before a meeting, and soothe the soul before yoga or bedtime. 

Combine it with the Savor Beauty Pumpkin Serum for skin renewal and deep hydration without clogging the pores. The warming aroma awakens the skin and spirit for a glowing complexion. 

This kit value is $132 offered at $99 for an exclusive, online special. 

The Savor Planner helps you to design a "nourish to flourish" lifestyle with 4 pillars.

I. Self-Care

I. Self-Care

Design a nourish-to-flourish plan

II. 90-Day Vision

II. 90-Day Vision

Create a 90-day goal that is achievable and exciting

III. Rituals

III. Rituals

Simple routines to structure your week

IV. Organize

IV. Organize

Customize to organize your "gorgeous chaos"

Inside the Planner

  • Self-Care Plan

    Self-Care Plan

    Commit to a personalized plan for the next 90 days

  • Detox Your Brain

    Detox Your Brain

    Every week, it's like spa for your brain

  • 4 Monthly Calendars

    4 Monthly Calendars

    Fill in and start at anytime

  • 90-Day Vision Worksheets

    90-Day Vision Worksheets

    Create a 90-day goal + stay on track

  • Thought Starters

    Thought Starters

    Worksheets to reflect for purposeful planning

  • Week-at-a-Glance Planning

    Week-at-a-Glance Planning

    Forget a task? Easy! Move it to the next day!

  • Organize Your Gorgeous Chaos

    Organize Your Gorgeous Chaos

    Customizable pages to organize your life!

  • Stickers!


    Celebrate self-care everyday!

  • Weekend Pleasures

    Weekend Pleasures

    An entire spread just for weekend planning

  • Stylish 8 x 10" Design

    Stylish 8 x 10" Design

    Designed by the Vogue Art Director

  • Made with 100% Recycled Paper

    Made with 100% Recycled Paper

    High-quality 100 GSM paper. Tabbed pages are 200 GSM paper.

What People are Saying

  • ... designed for very busy people to be more intentional with their days, weeks and months, leaving room for gratitude along the way.
    Lauren Bush's FEED
  • ... helps design a 90-day vision to help people be more productive, feel creative and practice holistic high-vibration living.
    Your Tango
  • Not your average planner... it will help you prioritize goals, weed out busywork, track longterm goals.